Using Beans is addictive. The more you use it, the more you'll wish all of  WordPress was built with it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to 3rd-party plugins that's when the fun stops. No more dynamic markup, no easily adding or removing attributes, etc. It's a pretty sad state of affairs once you're used to the elegant power that Beans provides.

This is where the WooCommerce Overrides for Beans comes in. It acts as a bridge between WooCommerce and Beans and allows you to do some pretty advance customizations, while not touching a single template overrides.

Probably one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks I've had to endure in a while, the plugin is finally at a point that it's ready for testing. It's important to point out that the plugin is NOT intended for production use. Rather, it's out there so it can be stress-tested thoroughly before actually being released.

Being that WooCommerce is centered around commerce (meaning there is moola involved), so we need to be absolutely sure there are no issues before releasing it into the wild.

If you use WooCommerce and are a fan Beans, I ask that you testing the living daylights out the plugin and let me know if anything breaks or does not work as expected.

Please post any issues you find to the issue list on Github. Once the plugin is stable, I'll be able to resume work on the upcoming WooCommerces themes I'm working on.

Download v1.0.0-Alpha-1
View the code on Github
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